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Christmas Clipart Images


3510850_med Do you want a lot or just a few Christmas images – all at unbeatable prices?

Well here is the answer – you can purchase a gigantic package of 150 megabytes of Christmas images for one low, low price, or choose from one of the smaller packages that may suit your needs. And, of course, the smaller packages are so cheap they are almost being given away!

No More Searching

No More Downloading From Different Sites

No More Hassle! The 150 MEG Christmas Pack Is Royalty Free!

Now with bonus extra Christmas graphics!

You have found the mother load of Christmas images! If you are tired of scouring the Internet looking for great Christmas graphics, you can stop searching right now.

The 150 MEG Christmas Pack, is chuck full of .jpg, .gif, and .png files to keep you busy clear till Christmas! Need a quick Christmas card in a pinch? Just find one in this collection, print it out – and you’re ready to roll.

Run out of gift tags? No problem! Find yourself an appropriate image, print it out – and stick it to your package. You won?t be running to the local drug store this year because you ran out of gift tags, that?s for sure. You might find some gift tags in here that you like BETTER than the ?drug store? tags. Especially for that ?Vintage or Victorian? look.

Need animations for your website? Well, there?s a few of those in here too.

How about using these images for your websites or Christmas auctions on eBay? There are PLENTY of images here to spice up your websites. Put your eBay customers in a great mood with super looking auction pages, which will help you SELL MORE!

The List Of Things You Can Do With These Images Doesn?t End There!

Here Are MORE Ways To Use These Wonderful Images:

Documents and Fliers for work or home, great for announcing Christmas parties. There are black and white line images you can use on colored paper too.

School projects. The kids can browse through here to use images for school projects, or for simply creating their own Christmas cards. We use these images for Home School projects, hand made gifts and more.

Church – need extra images to create announcements for your church? The nativity selection is perfect for church projects and announcements.

Bulletin Boards – create ?classified ad fliers? for selling Christmas items, then post them on bulletin boards at your local businesses. Local bulletin boards are great places to get some local business action!

Ebooks about Christmas. Liven up your Christmas ebooks with these great images!

Website design. Since these images were collected from Public Domain resources, that means you are free to use them for your own designs. Yes, even on templates that you wish to resell. Royalty FREE!

Needlepoint patterns. Yes, I spoke with one lady who purchased this package to create nice needlepoint projects with the images.

Create your own physical products by using ?Zazzle? ?CafePress? and other online areas where they help you create mouse-pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more!

Using your imagination, I?m sure you?ll come up with ways that I never even thought of.


Bonus extra Christmas graphics package at zero cost!! Click HERE for details.


Click below to purchase this entire 10 package, 150 megabyte package plus the bonus package for just $9.95!

150 MEG is nothing to sneeze at! Now, let?s show you what an incredible selection of images we have added into the 150 MEG Christmas Pack!

Below we list each category of the package, and by clicking on the package number, give you a sample of what the images in that category look like. Below the images we also tell you exactly how many images are in each category. Every single one of the pictures listed in the links is in this package, plus many, MANY more!

This package comprises the following 10 image collections. By clicking on the link for each collection you will go to the smaller package where you can view samples of the images. If you would like to purchase the entire package, you can do so at the bottom of this page or you can purchase individual packages from the pages containing the image samples. Buying the entire package is much better value than purchasing the individual packages, but if you only want one or two packages (e.g. Package 2 – Assorted), go ahead and purchase them at great prices:

Click here for: Package 1 – Animals

117 Victorian Animals 44 Vintage Angel pictures

Click here for: Package 2 – Assorted

16 Bells and Bows 33 Candle images 31 Fruit and Candy Images 8 Christmas Caroler images 21 Elves images, some animated 59 Toy and Gift images 17 Christmas Lights images, half animated

Click here for: Package 3 – Assorted

44 Christmas Tree Ornament images 24 Reindeer clipart, some animated 60 Snowmen images

Click here for: Package 4 – Assorted

26 Stocking clipart 78 Christmas Gift Tag images 21 Wreath images

Click here for: Package 5 – Holly and Flowers

102 Holly and Flower images

Click here for: Package 6 – Merry Christmas

118 Merry Christmas graphics including old Christmas cards

Click here for: Package 7 – Nativity

123 Nativity and Religious images

Click here for: Package 8 – Santa

Numerous Old Santa Card designs Santa clipart, some of them animated 285 Santa images, some old fashioned

Click here for: Package 9 – Trees

208 Christmas Tree images, including photos, animated, vintage

Click here for: Package 10 – Vintage

123 Vintage and Victorian images

Click below to purchase this entire 10 package, 150 megabyte package plus the bonus package for just $9.95!

Please note that this is a very large download and will take quite some time on slow internet connections. The package has been broken up into smaller sections to make downloading easier.

Any questions?  Go to the contact page.